Thomas Moonlight

Hero of the wild west

Thomas Moonlight worked his passage to America as a boy with dreams of owning a farm in the New World.

He fought on the side of the Unionists in the Civil War, rising through the ranks to brevet Brigadier General, earning a reputation as a crack shot and a number of commendations for bravery

He latterly commanded Fort Laramie. Moving into politics, as Adjutant General of Kansas he was sent by the Governor to help clean up Dodge City alongside legendary names like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday.

As Governor of Wyoming, he granted a pardon to the Sundance Kid early in his career of crime and laid down legislation allowing white settlers to fence off their ranches to fend off encroachment by the cattle barons. This action led to the geographical positioning of many US western towns today as well as the themes for the movies Shane and Pale Rider.

He ended his days of public service as the US Ambassador to Bolivia.